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Educational services

  1. Artists of the Palaeolithic age: revive the prehistoric atmosphere, art and life.
    Children, in a reconstructed scenario, using natural techniques and materials, will try to reproduce real artworks: rock paintings, prehistoric sculptures, engraved stones. The objects created during the workshop can be brought away by the students as a souvenir of their day at the museum.

  2. The planet of the dinosaurs and fossils.
    This is a course where people are taught the deciphering techniques of the language of the fossils, in order to listen and understand the magnificent history of life on earth as told by ammonites, trilobites, imprints of dinosaurs. The budding palaeontologists will manufacture a prehistoric "fossil" with the plaster cast technique, reproducing the imprints produced by the dinosaurs with the technique of the imprint on clay; they will also try out the different phases of paleontological excavations and classification of fossils.
  3. Guided visits with ancient costumes.
    The guided visits will allow the visitors to revive the most fascinating moments of the Prehistoric Age directly from the voice of the protagonists who will tell a lost world. Based on the background of a great discovery, that is the finding of a whole skeleton of an archaic form of Homo Neanderthalensis, called also Altamura Man, through an educational game people will go along the phases of the human evolution again, in order to discover their ancestors and their adapting abilities
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