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The Museum The Museum

The Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Altamura (National Archaeological Museum of Altamura) (in the province of Bari) is located near the old town centre, in an area called "La Croce". This is an archaeological zone of great importance for the wealth of findings which date from the early Bronze Age to the late Hellenistic age. In the museum, it is possible to see everyday objects, such as vases, personal possessions, weapons, and home tools of various kinds, which were recovered mainly in the necropolises of Altamura, Gravina in Puglia, Toritto, Cassano Murge, Ginosa and Laterza.


The tour itineraries The tour itineraries

The archaeological finds are displayed on two of the museum’s three floors. On the first, the exhibition itinerary unfolds through sections arranged in chronological order within one single large room, which embrace the history of High Murgia hills from prehistoric times to the early Middle Ages. A small centrally located room is also devoted to temporary exhibits that the Museum holds on a regular basis. The second floor is entirely dedicated to the revolutionary find of the “Altamura Man”. His discovery and the studies that were carried out are described along the way until you reaches the awe-inspiring end of the itinerary: the evocative reconstruction of the atmosphere of the cave of Lamalunga, where the bones of the “Altamura Man” lay for 250,000 years.


The theme-based tours The theme-based tours

This section shows the historical and conceptual connections that can be established among the items kept in the museum, no matter what their physical location. The visits are guided by means of several virtual theme-based itineraries that also allow visitors to rebuild the topographical contexts of the findings, their relation to specific cultural areas and even to reconstruct the evolution of a particular item through the centuries.

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